Metazoa Brewing Co.
Metazoa donates 5% of profits to animal and wildlife organizations.
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Mug Club Membership

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Please enter your birthday as MM/DD/YYYY --Mug Club members get a birthday beer!


Joining Metazoa's Mug Club means you enter an exclusive group that has access to a world of perks and benefits, not the least of which is more beer! We'd love to have you. Feel free to bring in your own 20 oz. mug, and we will be happy to store it for you.

This is a $50 ANNUAL membership to be renewed each year. You may collect your free t-shirt and sign-up beer upon your next visit to the tap room. By purchasing the Mug Club, your email will be added to our Mug Club mailing list to update you on special offers for Mug Club members only. Here are the perks:

  • 1 complimentary signup beer
  • Free t-shirt at signup
  • Free hat at signup
  • 1 complimentary birthday beer
  • 10% off merchandise
  • 20 oz. pours for a 16 oz. price on EVERY visit
  • $1 off bullet fills
  • $2 off growler fills (excludes Fridays)
  • FREE ticket to the Annual Mug Club party!
  • Early access to special events and tappings throughout the year!
If you are gifting this membership, first of all, we want friends like you! Just let us know about the giftee in the notes so we can send a Mug Club welcome email to the right person and make a membership card with the right name. Cheers!