Metazoa Brewing Co.
Metazoa donates 5% of profits to animal and wildlife organizations.
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Mug Club Renewal

Free Shipping!


It's time to renew your Metazoa Mug Club Membership! $50 per year gets you $200+ in FREE beer, swag, event perks, Mug Club parties with appetizers and brews, and more! Check out the comprehensive list below if you don't believe us...this is a steal!

  • 1 complimentary signup beer ($6 value)
  • Free t-shirt at signup ($15 value)
  • Free hat at signup ($10 value)
  • 1 complimentary birthday beer ($6 value)
  • 10% off merchandise (Buy just 4 pieces of apparel during the year and you could save $10!)
  • 20 oz. pours for a 16 oz. price on EVERY visit (Grab a brew with us twice a month and get $36 in yearly bonus beer!)
  • $1 off bullet fills (Fill up monthly and save $12 per year!)
  • $2 off non-Friday growler fills (Fill up weekly and save $104 per year!)
  • FREE ticket to the Semi-Annual Mug Club parties (Includes $18 in beer plus free snacks swag!)
  • Early access to special events and tappings throughout the year (...Priceless)
If you are gifting this membership, first of all, we want friends like you! Just let us know about the giftee in the notes so we can send a Mug Club Renewal email to the right person. Cheers!